Best 5 Causes to Use Water-Based Adhesives for Filter Media Assembly

Water based or waterborne adhesives have arisen as the great performance alternate to solvent based pastes in the developed of many produces, counting liquid and air filters. And more, these adhesives really offer companiesmany benefits above their solvent-based counterparts. There are top five benefits of using water-based pastes in filter media assembly.

1. Ease of Use.

Water-based mix adhesives are singlepart products. You do not need to blend components earlier use, saving your time and the rate of blending equipment. Moreover, you can simplyuse some number of techniques: screen printing, spraying, roller coating.

2. Cost-effective.

Solvent chargestoo muchfrom water. Therefore, it is no amazing that water-based pastes typically chargenot more than other paste systems. You normally save on the price of the adhesive itself as well as, possibly, on some equipment you could otherwise want to blend adhesive material, melt down the paste before use.

3. High versatility.

The work shop can gladly develop makings to meet anextensive range of particular application and presentation requirements, containing tack, bond power, set time in addition to water resistance. Additionally, these products have verified stability, make sure a great quality bond above time.

4. Good spread ability.

Water-soluble creation also means water-based pastes are easy to clear-out with water while wet. They do not resin up equipment the way other paste types can affecting downtime and decreasing productivity.

5. Environmentally friendly.

The effortto environmental friendliness and left from the instable price of oil were main factors in better interest in increasing great performance water-based mixtures as start as the 1970s. these water based adhesive are as harmless to apply as they are real.

Use in many ways

These adhesives are a good equipment for various industries because of its flexibility, variety and financial practicality.These water based pastes set fast and form great bonds that will stay strong for a long time. These types of pastes are mostly used for bonding envelopes, stamps, leather, fabric and wood.


There are lots of manufacturing and particular uses that give advantages from the usage of these adhesives. These contain the packing and bottling industries, woodworking, plastic, paper and fabric industries. These adhesive as well work for a significant purpose in lamination uses in the graphic art industry. So, if you want to use these adhesives, then you need to search for reliable companies.